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About Us

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Woonsocket School that our teamwork will create a positive, educational climate challenging and encouraging all students to live fulfilling and productive lives.


Vision Statement:

The educational setting at Woonsocket School fosters flexible, comprehensive, and challenging academic and extra-curricular programs that maximizes each student’s potential. Woonsocket students/graduates will be productive, contributing members of society, a life-long love of learning, and a respect for the diverse contributions of all.


Belief/Goal Statements:

The Woonsocket School District beliefs are…….

1)  To recruit and retain enthusiastic, highly-qualified faculty and staff members who are
     dedicated to creating an environment where all students can learn and are valued.

2)  To commit for continuous improvement so our students can become confident, self-
     directed, and life-long learners.

3)  To ensure that all teachers, administrators, parents and the community share the
      responsibility for our children’s success.

4)  To create a safe and physically comfortable environment that promotes student learning.

5)  To encourage our students to develop leadership skills, appreciation for all segments
   of society, and acknowledge that they can make a contribution to the well being of our community.